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We are the leading Supplier of Security Seals Online Store viz. Container Bolt Seals, Plastic Seals, Wire Seal, Cable Seals, Padlock Seals, Meter Seals & all kinds of Security Seals in India. The Security Seals are the mechanism used to seal the shipping containers to provides tamper evidence and security. The Security Seals can also help in detecting the theft or contamination, either accidental or deliberate. The Container security seals are commonly used to secure truck trailers, vessel containers, Rail Car etc. Further they are also considered as an inexpensive way of providing tamper evidence of intrusion into sensitive spaces. These seals can be used for one time use only.

What Can You Buy From Raibex?

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How to Place Orders?

The buyer may place orders through Online and Offline. The direct online orders received through this portal will be processing as per Raibex Policy and   delivered at clients door steps  in agreement with logistics term & conditions. The buyer also has an option to collect the material directly from our location.  However buyer can also send quote request for other models; which they are interested to buy and  is not available to place online orders due to out of stock. The clients who is looking for Bulk Quantity with different specifications can send us an email or quote request with full specification. Please be noted that the price for bulk quantity will be at highly discounted.

High Security Seals

High Security Seals are constructed and manufactured of material such as high grade steel metal or metal cable. They have been designed to conform besides world customs and ISO standards. In addition it can be used for the purpose of safeguarding the valuable consignments from theft & piracy.

Container Seal

The container seals are mechanisms used to seal shipping containers in a way that provides tamper evidence and some level of security. Such seals can help to detect theft or contamination, either accidental or deliberate. Container security seals are commonly used to secure truck trailers, vessel containers, Rail Car etc. Typically they are considered an inexpensive way of providing tamper evidence of intrusion into sensitive spaces. These seals can be used for one time use only.

Plastic Security Seal

Plastic Security Seal Tag has Pull tight locking mechanism by hand and can be removed with cutter. Which has Pull Tight Locking Mechanism & can use  for fast and easy applications.  Each seal is printed with Unique Serial Numbers.

Wire Seal

Wire / Cable seals allow for more versatile application, as they have variable length of the locking mechanism limited only by the cable length. Typical applications include sealing trucks and railway cars transporting valuable commodities. An internal locking mechanism prevents the cable from being retracted.

Meter Seal

Meter Seal Poly-carbonate is ideal for tamper proof sealing applications on energy meters, cubicles, containers, bags, ATM cassette, trucks etc.

Installation & Implementation

A container seal is an integral part of a shipping container. It is recommended for every shipping container to have at least one seal before a shipping line allows the container to be shipped. Container seals may come in many shapes. Which may vary from embossed lead wire seals to metal strip seals and metal bullet seals to padlocks.  All of which have been used by customers to safeguard the precious cargo that is shipped in containers.

Depending on the shipping line or the exporter and the level of safeguard required, containers may be sealed with any of the above combination of commonly known seals viz Bolt Seal, Plastic Security Seal, Padlock Seal, Wire Seal, Cable Seals etc. The objective of the container seal or security seal is not just to minimize the risk of someone accessing the container and taking cargo out; but also to avoid someone putting illegal stuff into the container such as drugs, weapons of mass destruction, contraband, counterfeit etc.

For this precise reason, receivers of the cargo/container must make sure that the seal number shown on the bill of lading/manifest and the seal and seal number present on the container when they receive it are exactly matches the same. If there is a seal or seal number discrepancy between manifest and container, the receiver should IMMEDIATELY advise the shipping line of the same and invite them for a joint survey of the container. Hence the simple, unassuming container seal or security seal plays a very important role in global trade and global security.

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Our Major seals are made available to buy online however the Buyer can also submit quote request to get best manufacturer rate for other models and we shall supply it based on client requirements. our Major Delivery Locations are as follows,

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